“Working with great clients in film making and digital marketing services”


We specialise in delivering complete filming and production services to clients.

Clients range from luxury holiday lets in France and Yorkshire, ice driving companies in Scandinavia all the way to PLC’s and some of the UK’s largest tourist destinations.

We work with brands to deliver their message. We could do the same for you.

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Ferrari 288GTO photography

Content Marketing

We believe useful content should be at the core of your marketing
Traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective by the minute. If you are forward thinking about your marketing, you will be aware that there has to be a better way.

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Website Design

Website design and development can often be a headache for businesses in many sectors. The task of explaining exactly what you wish to achieve with your website to an outside company with little knowledge of your market can sometimes be frustrating. Add in the demands of creating the content, the photography and all of the other elements you are asked for in between running your business and it can be exhausting.

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Social Media Marketing Programmes

Social media. “Should we be using them? All of them? Some of them? Even none of them? Do we really have the time? Should we be blogging? Didn’t someone get fired for that?”
Just some of the questions we’ve been asked over the last twelve months as we’ve been talking to clients about social media and how best to integrate it into their business marketing.

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Digital Publishing

In addition to client work in website design, photography and feature writing, Winward Media also runs several digital publishing platforms that are growing rapidly. Using the ethos that, “If we like it, surely others must too”, our website properties are building in popularity each month.

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Clients We Work With