Winward Media is a father and son team of Neill Watson and Adam Watson. We help brands and businesses navigate their way through the complex world of modern marketing and PR. Many of our clients are finding it harder than ever to stay abreast of the multiple social media channels, to think of interesting ways to engage with customers, journalists and press outlets and of course, to create exciting content for their own websites.

We help you map a path through the different options.

While our clients may at first appear to be diverse, you will quickly realise that they have many things in common. Above all, they share a desire to create relationships with customers, visitors and guests as well as complimentary businesses within their area of operations.

We help our clients to develop and build upon these relationships using the exciting communications channels available in today’s world. You can read more about our areas of expertise here.

The modern digital world we live in gives brands and businesses of all sizes the opportunity to reach their customers directly as never before. Whether you are a large PLC, a regional tourist attraction or a small collection of holiday cottages, today we all have ways to talk directly to the people we need to reach. We help you work out what to say and who to talk to.

About Neill

“I’ve been incredibly lucky. I work in an industry I love, with people and subjects I care about. Not everyone can say that.”

After an eighteen year career in the motor industry, including a period selling specialist cars, managing motorsport and being one of the pioneering Lexus salesmen when there was just one car model and only 35 UK dealers, Neill moved into photography and writing for editorial motoring magazines in 2002.

In today’s modern culture of ‘always on’ internet and multiple social media channels, he realised that the same skills he had learned first hand in sales, marketing, writing and photography were very useful tools for the clients he was gaining. While the platform and method of contact may have changed, the simple rule that people like to deal with people is still valid.

Neill brings to Winward Media his diverse skills in creating content, a real world experience of creating events as diverse as helicopter tours and driving cars across the frozen lakes of Scandinavia, plus an understanding of how to help journalists get that exclusive story after everyone else has let them down at the last minute.

His own skills are added to by a range of professional colleagues he calls upon, from creating graphic design and layouts, thrilling corporate driving events, to piloting a helicopter camera ship. Knowing who to call and who to rely on when the deadline is immovable is something that takes experience.

He only writes in the third person for these About Us pages. Please forgive him this one time.

If you think we will be a good fit for you, drop us a line using the contact form on this page. Or simply call direct on +44(0)7812 766760.