Motor Industry and Motor Sport Marketing

Many automotive and motorsport business people struggle to make themselves understood to traditional digital marketing, website design and marketing companies.

They may well have heard agencies say that they undertake marketing for a specific sector. But do they really have the first hand knowledge and experience of your industry that makes the difference when you’re very busy and yet frustrated at trying to make your voice heard?

Have you experienced the frustration of having to go back over old ground as you try and explain how your business works and what you need to make happen?

We have specific skills and first hand experience of both the motor industry, motorsport and driving experience industries that make us uniquely qualified to help with automotive and motorsport business digital marketing.

What Unique Experience Do We Have of Automotive and Motorsport?

Before establishing Winward Media, Neill Watson was a successful specialist car sales executive for more than 15 years. His first hand knowledge of the retail motor industry was added to by several years establishing motorsport teams before becoming a full time photographer / writer and marketer helping automotive businesses in the early days of online marketing. He holds an ARDS motorsport coaching licence and understands the competitive driving experience industry.

We created Winward Media to bring together a diverse skill set of specials tools that continue to help automotive and motorsport businesses to make people more excited about their companies.

Your business is clear to us. You won’t need to waste time constantly revising areas you thought were understood. Nor will you worry about trying to make us understand your industry, your worries and your objectives.

Neill’s unique combination of real world industry experience combined with a passion for selling and the modern digital world we live in mean that you’ll be working with someone who understands the challenges and opportunities in your marketplace. His small yet scaleable team all understand the automotive and motorsport environment

Whether you need a website design, help with writing your content, help with gaining editorial coverage or inspiration and assistance in building your social media channels, we can help you hit the ground running.

You may already be one of those people who’s incredibly organised, has a project all documented and ready to roll. Well done, send it over we’ll get right to it.

If you’re like most of our clients, you’ll probably have a head full of exciting ideas but need help and guidance on what can be done, how to make them a reality and turn them into a success from the day you launch.

If that’s you, call us. We love digital, but still find we can cover an awful lot of ground on the phone. A brief chat will give you an overview of how we can help, how much it will cost and what we’d need to do to get everything started.

If you’ve read enough and wish to talk, call Neill on +44 (0)7812 766760 or alternatively fill out the contact form and we will come back to you.

“Yes please. Call Me Back!”

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