New website for Europe’s leading ice driving experience business

It is more than a decade since we first worked with Ice Driver to create a website for what was then a brand new company. In that time, they have become the premier Ice Driving Experience provider in Scandinavia.

Promising to offer an ice driving experience that went beyond the ‘Winter Rally School’ genre, the timing of Ice Driver coincided nicely with the launch of the Bond movie Die Another Day.

What better inspiration could there have been to travel to Scandinavia than the prospect of Pierce Brosnan impressions on ice?

Ice Driver re-invented the genre of driving experiences at high speed on ice and now have a ten year record for creating high quality, bespoke ice driving events for clients from their base in Norway.

Each winter, drivers and guests from across Europe and beyond converge on their meticulously prepared tracks created on frozen lakes and experience driving on ice. For Winward Media, the Ice Driver business model spans the two areas we are most active in, automotive and motorsport, plus leisure and tourism.

The ice driving genre has blossomed in the ten years that Ice Driver have been in operation. Competitors offering budget activities operating more basic offerings, plus car manufacturers catching on to the excitement of the genre have latched on to the sexiness and excitement of ice driving as a platform for selling cars.

A classic Porsche 911 and a frozen lake. Waht’s not to like?

Ice Driver needed a fresh website to make them stand out from the opposition.

The Ice Driver product is a high value experience which clients will inevitably have questions about. The objectives we set were:

  • To differentiate Ice Driver from the competition and car manufacturer led activities.
  • To create a website using imagery we had shot for previous projects with the team to showcase the spectacular setting of the Norwegian wilderness
  • To explain that travel to Ice Driver is actually both cost effective and easy. Many people assume that travel on frozen winter rail networks and roads will be arduous. In fact, the Norwegian infrastructure is, as you’d expect, geared for this each winter
  • To show options for non-driving guests and provide an opportunity for a family holiday combined with Ice Driving at the team’s snow resort headquarters, something that no other ice driving company can offer in such close proximity.
  • The website was to be mobile responsive, with particular emphasis on a really simple to use Call to Action at the footer of each page to galvanise visitors into taking one of several set actions.
  • Finally, a short viral video was created combining both new and existing footage to give a flavour of just how fast and exciting the driving experience on ice can be.

We managed to turn around the whole project in just five short weeks, from initial discussions on the objective to the final design and content going live. In the 2016/17 season, Ice Driver enjoyed a record breaking year of activity, something we are very proud to have contributed towards.