Why It’s OK to Be Scared of Blogging for Business

Most of the businesses we deal with aren’t trendy Blue Sky startups with staff high fiving around the office in flip flops and riding space hoppers. They’re actually established businesses, some of them have been around for decades. They don’t have the time to ride space hoppers and they certainly are a long way from being laptop millionaires sitting beside a swimming pool with the PayPal transactions roll in.

But the one thing they have in common is that they’re savvy people who understand that nothing lasts forever and that the world of media is changing. They know they need a good quality blog. Or a latest news page. Or whatever you feel it should be called… And this makes them nervous.

And when we start talking, there is a common theme to the top worries they have. They’re all factors that are perfectly justifiable concerns and they’re quite right to have reservations about them. So, here are the top concerns that people have, why it’s OK to be scared about blogging for business and how to solve them.

Blogging for business owners
Starting a company blog can be a scary business

Who will do it? A very good question. You’re quite possibly reading this because you don’t have answers to this one. Some businesses have natural writers who love being given that platform.Some staff don’t like to say no, or underestimate the time commitment to writing and research. While others will run away and hide at the very mention. Sometimes, we coach staff on how to write articles, other times businesses prefer us to work alongside them on a regular basis creating interesting media.

What will we say? You’ll be surprised. The single fact we always find in this area as that the things you see as normal, every day events and goings on, other people are actually interested in. Look around at what’s happening this week. Automotive businesses are always a hive of activity. Holiday cottages have the constant changing of the seasons, with overseas holiday property having spectacular changes and of course, news on travel and ways to actually enjoy getting there. All great subjects. Above all, think of the ways that you help solve your customers problems as a great starting point. If you have a spark of an idea, write it down. Read this article on how to capture those thoughts and ideas before you forget.

I know everyone says we need one, but what’s the point? The point of a blog, or whatever you think it should be called, reaches far beyond simply posting dates of events and happenings. It’s your platform for content marketing and a chance to distinguish yourself as an expert in your field. Sharing useful information with your readers singles you out as someone who’s blog they look forward to reading. Unlike traditional advertising, it’s something they actually look forward to seeing, rather than trying to dodge and avoid. This page explains more about ‘content marketing’ and how your readers will grow to love you.

I don’t like giving away sensitive information. We live in a competitive world and you can be certain that others in your marketplace will doubtless be reading your content. Whoever is responsible for your media content, you need to put in place rules and guidelines on what is permitted and what is commercially sensitive. This needs to be agreed at the outset and be clear for everyone involved, especially any social media staff. It can be done, it simply requires some thought beforehand.

Blogs are for techie websites.We’re not in that market. Even more reason to start writing straight away. The idea of blogs being only for students in bedsits is long dead. Seemingly boring subjects can benefit from a well written article that explains how you help people solve their problems.

Our business isn’t glamourous, nobody will be interested. Though we work with some glamorous car subjects which are relatively easy to be excited about, we also work with businesses selling parts and components that are often a ‘distress purchase’. The idea isn’t to talk up your own skills, but to show how you can help customers, whether it’s a great day out driving a supercar or trying to get an exhaust fixed.

We’ll run out of material and the time to do it. This is a very good point. Everyone who writes articles can sometimes run out of steam. That’s why it’s important to have an editorial calendar and a publishing schedule, together with a way to collect and curate ideas for future articles.

We can’t write and anyway, everyone in the office is busy. This is where we come in. Sometimes, clients just need some encouragement and education. Then over time, we’ll hand over a blog to the staff. Other times, we’re engaged in creating content on an ongoing basis, taking seeds of ideas from your staff and germinating them into useful articles.

But of course, there’s more to a company website than it’s blog. If you’re frustrated with your present design or are just thinking it needs a freshen up, then this article on how to audit your website will help.

Author: Neill Watson

A professional writer and photographer with a history of sales and marketing in the automotive, tourism and motorsport industry. Neill is the producer / director and digital media producer of Winward Media.

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