Social Media Marketing

The tidal wave of social media is today’s big event in marketing. There are a vast array of social media outlets, all vying for your attention, so how to you decide which channels are best for you and how to you manage the time inevitably needed to make effective use of them? Flikr, Facebook, Bebo, YouTube, Twitter, RSS, Feedburner, Vimeo, MySpace, Blogger are just a few of the names you’d doubtless have seen if your intention is to move your company forwards into social media marketing.

“Should we be using them? All of them? Some of them? Even none of them? Do we really have the time? Should we be blogging? Didn’t someone get fired for that?”

Just some of the questions we’ve been asked over the last twelve months as we’ve been talking to clients about social media and how best to integrate it into their business marketing.

Establishing On Social Media

Using social media is a skill that can be learned, like any other. Separating the white noise from the useful facts, deciding on what to say, how to establish your tone of voice, how to engage with people in these channels is something that can be taught with a little common sense. We’ve worked with companies to get started with these various skills before handing over to their own staff and helping to generate useful ideas and ways to monitor what people are saying about you.

Social Media Training

Make no mistake, social media is a double edged sword, a time thief and a hungry mouth demanding constant attention, like a small child. Enough metaphors for you?

Getting started in social media can be daunting. How will you catch up to those competitors with thousands of followers and Likes? Won’t you look a little puny with just a few hundred? We can help you create a strategy for social media for your business that fits into your daily workflow in a non-intrusive way. Let us help you establish a plan, decide on the best plaforms to push on and work out ways to help automate some of the tasks to make your social media activities simply part of your daily business.

We work with businesses and individuals on a consultancy basis, helping them to get started with social media and brand marketing. There is a limit to the number of clients we can work with at any one time, but we give detailed help to the key people in your company that need the assistance in this area. Please drop us a line by using the contact form or simply call on +44(0)7812 766760 for an initial chat.