How To Use Long Tail Keywords To Find Quality Visitors

Many small to medium businesses worry about how they will beat their bigger, often multinational, competitors on search engine listings. Some are disheartened by what seems like an impossible task to rank alongside huge companies with big marketing teams. But it’s not impossible. We help businesses achieve success with modest budgets by using a little though about what exactly you’re trying to achieve. The answer, we think, is to go hunting with a snipers rifle, not a blunderbuss.

The Long Tail Keywords

The sniper’s rifle we use is the Long Tail Keyword. So, just what are Long Tail Keywords? Long Tail Keywords comprise a phrase that someone may type into a search engine such as Google or Bing, in order to narrow down their criteria for a specific service or product. The best thing is, this person probably has a pretty good idea what they’re looking for and the chances are they are ready to make a buying decision because their search for information is specific. The good thing is, you stand a good chance of ranking well on that search term. As long as you know what it is….

Long tail keyword techniques
Standing Out From The Crowded Fields – Using Long Tail Keywords

Say for example that you’re in the business of car exhausts and you’re based in Darlington, UK. There’s little point in chasing such generic terms as ‘car exhausts’. But ‘car exhaust repairs Darlington’ is far more specific. It’s also a term used very often (we know this, because our client ranks well for it!) for customers looking for an exhaust repair in Darlington.

However, a rare and potentially expensive exhaust repair, such as Jaguar XF Diesel flexi pipe failures, is a very specific term that a customer will actually travel some considerable distance to have rectified. Again, we know this because we worked with our client to discover their most unique selling points.

Similarly, holiday Gite owners in France often worry about being able to be seen amongst the huge holiday letting directory websites. But someone looking for a holiday in France will be doing their research and will have narrowed down their choices. So perhaps, holiday Gite in Charente Maritime might just be a realistic objective. Add in other terms such as swimming pool or the nearby town of Gemozac and you’re reaching out to exactly the type of person who is looking for you.

This is what long tail keywords can do for you. So how do you find them? We help our clients by undertaking a short spell of research using some simple tools to investigate what other terms your potential customers might be using. Once we find search terms that are relevant to you, we make a list of them and discuss ways to rank on that specific search term. For sure, your traffic from this will be smaller in volume than if you’d been listed under generic terms. But the most important thing by far is that the visitors you do get will be tightly targeted, looking specifically for that particular product or service and are far more likely to be buyers.

If you’ve tried setting up a simple pay per click campaign using the Blunderbuss method, you’re probably disappointed with the expense and the results, which will be short lived, if any. Instead, think about what your customers really want and get out that snipers rifle. Need some help? We’re happy to chat about ways to achieve longer lasting, targeted, quality results that will find customers for you. Use our contact form to drop us a line and we’ll get right back to you.

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