Mobile Friendly Website Design

Are you worried that customers on mobile devices many not be able to use your website properly?

Whatever you may think of this modern trend, web browsing on mobile devices is a significant part of everyone’s lives today. You’ve probably tried with frustration to read websites on a tablet or mobile sometimes yourself and struggled, pinching and zooming your way around a page full of tiny fonts.
So how do you make sure that your website design can be used easily?

Here are the top questions clients ask us about mobile friendly website design.

What is ‘responsive’ web design? As the name suggests, responsive websites respond to the size of the screen they’re being asked to display on. they reflow and adapt, text font size is an appropriate size to be seen clearly and things like images, menus and other elements all change to fit the page.

How can I check if my current site is mobile friendly? One way is to drag and resize the window of your desktop machine and watch what happens. Everything should respond and fit the new size. Another way is to load the site into your phone or tablet and see what happens. Can you still read the text and is everything still in view, or are elements falling of the edge, meaning that you’re ‘pinching and zooming’? The best way to check is to use Google’s mobile friendly checking tool. Google will analyse your site as you watch and the result is displayed in moments.

Do you create all of your client’s websites to be responsive? Yes. It became apparent with the invention of the iPad that it was the future way for people to use the internet. Since around late 2012, every website we’ve created has been mobile responsive.

What if I’m being told that it costs extra to be mobile friendly? Walk away. If you’re being told that a fresh website design should cost more to be responsive, then perhaps the person you’re talking to doesn’t understand the true importance of responsive web design. Look around you in any public area, probably 50% of the people on trains, in queues, in bars and cafes are engrossed in mobile devices.

Why is this important? Hopefully, the information above will have answered that question, but if you still think it isn’t that big a deal, this blog article explains how Google will soon be penalising websites that don’t work properly on mobile devices.

Responsive web design is now an integral part of our design process, just as creating good quality content and building in search engine optimisation always has been too.

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