Having Problems With Your Mac OSX .Zip Files Becoming .CPGZ Files? Read On..

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Just a very quick blog post that will hopefully save you a lot of time and frustration if you're running Mac OSX and having trouble opening a .zip file. The symptoms: You download a .zip file, lets call it 'downloads.zip' and double click to open it...

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iPhone photography of a Porsche 911 Turbio badge detail

How To Host Twitter Images On Your Own WordPress Website

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Twitter and the iPhone were born for each other. A more than capable camera and a method of global distribution to your audience. Perfect, right? Well, sort of. Like many photographers, creative industry people and website owners, I wanted to have...

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Website design for fast fit small business

How Good Service and Your Website Comments Section Go Hand in Hand.

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One of our regular automotive website clients is Exhaust A Fix, a fast fit and custom made exhaust company in Darlington, UK. They're very good at what they do, with specific skills in custome exhaust fabrication and exhaust repairs. Some business...

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Digital Publishing – Some Statistics

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Two interesting sets of figures released in the last 24 hours that are worthy of comment, in our view. Firstly, Google reports some first quarter results 24% up on the same period last year. Good news for online and digital, especially their success...

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The Power of Virals

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Anyone with any doubts over the power of viral marketing videos would have ben well advised to have been watching Channel Four and monitor Twitter last night. The launch of four new urban sport videos, plus a feature length documentary showing how...

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Do People Really Fall For This?

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Just half and hour ago, this happened. I'm writing about it here because I'm always interested in marketing ideas, but this has just got to be the daftest piece of doorstep marketing I've ever heard. It goes like this: Knock knock… Man at the door...

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You Need Photo Mechanic, Even If You’re Not A Photographer.

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You're probably sick of reading this all over the internet, but if you're in the market for a professional grade image management and tagging application, Photo Mechanic simply rocks. I've just spent an afternoon working on a website design for a...

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5 Important Things To Do When Beginning Blogging

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I've been writing professionally for years now, both for myself and clients in all sorts of different areas. I was kind of taking for granted the methods I use to get those ideas down until I was watching a professional sports writer I know hard at...

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5 Things You Really Shouldn’t Do When You Start Blogging

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Beginning Blogging? Don't crash out at the start..I've been writing for blogs and print publications since 2002. Writing for printed publications is different to blogging, but in many ways, it's the same sharing the principle dos and don'ts. You may...

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Octane Factory

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Welcome to Octane Factory. We bring together high quality digital photography, website design using industry standard Content Management Systems, cutting edge video and quality journalism and writing to deliver projects for clients worldwide. With...

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