Mobile Specific Website Creates A Direct Method to Contact Agriculture Business

Not all of our website designs are large scale projects. Sometimes, we talk to someone who needs a website to do a specific task. David Teward Agricultural Services is one such client we helped recently. They have a loyal client base and strong reputation for delivering a great service to agricultural businesses in the North of England.

Much like Winward Media, a lot of their business is word of mouth and recommendation, but of course without a method of contact, it’s difficult to get in touch with even the best business. David needed a website that gave the business good visibility online in their specific agricultural niche.

The website had to do two things.

Firstly, to quickly reassure the visitor that they had found the right Teward (there are more than one in the agricultural sector) and give a fast way to contact them by telephone.

Today, many people in farming and agriculture use mobile devices as a primary method of search and contact. David lives on his iPhone and with high speed data available in even the most obscure farmland these days, so do most of his clients.

With this in mind, the website we created was primarily mobile first.

To give a visual confirmation that this was the business they were looking for, we used images of the distinctive red liveried trucks that the company is well known across the region. Images of David Teward’s distinctive red trucks were prominent on the first page to load,

Importantly, we added a prominent telephone number with a mechanism to create an immediate dial option right from the moment the page loaded, we made it easy for David’s customers to dial the number straight from the browser of their mobile device.

By creating the home page with this specific task in mind, it helped busy farmers who needed David Teward’s services to contact him quickly, even if they only had a name and no contact number.

Having the telephone number as a direct dial from any mobile device helps David’s cleints to contact him quickly with no additional steps needed.

Secondly, Find New Niche Customers

Of course, while it is important to make it easy for referral and existing customers to find you, a good website should also find ways of bringing in new customers too. David’s company supplies specific products and services across certain parts of the UK. Therefore we used a long tail keyword approach to consider what specific search phrases prospective customers would type into search.

Website for David Teward Lime Spreading

Then we created several pages specifically designed to attract those contacts, including carefully chosen search terms such as Lime Spreading North East and other phrases. This helped ensure that the traffic attracted to the website were tightly targeted to specific tasks in specific geographical areas.

Finally, we submitted the website link to Google’s map search to ensure that the businesses geographical location was clear to both people and search engines.

It’s great to see the bright red David Toward trucks across the region and it was an interesting project for us, as we gained an insight into the busy world of agricultural services, something which we perhaps all take for granted as we go about our daily work.

You can see David Teward’s agricultural and lime spreading business here.

Author: Neill Watson

A professional writer and photographer with a history of sales and marketing in the automotive, tourism and motorsport industry. Neill is the producer / director and digital media producer of Winward Media.