New Exhaust A Fix Website and Content Marketing

Many clients still struggle to understand the power that creative content marketing can bring. In fact, content marketing can be a cost effective and long lasting way to highlight how your business can solve your customer’s problems. Exhaust a Fix in Darlington are one of our long standing clients. They offer unique and cost effective solutions to many modern exhaust problems. They just needed to find a way to show how their unique skills are actually very affordable.

A talented team of fabricators, coupled with state of the art pipe bending technology and plasma cutting equipment give Exhaust A Fix the ability to create a complete exhaust system from scratch in a cost effective way.

The same skills can be used to repair existing exhaust systems in a cost effective way, without having to replace many of the complex, one piece systems common on many modern cars.

Coupled with their independent ownership, these skills give them a loyal customer following. We created a mobile responsive automotive website design to showcase their skills.

To provide an insight into their custom fabrication abilities that make them unique, we created an ongoing series of blog posts showcasing real-world examples of their work and explaining how they saved customers money and created quality exhaust systems.

By training their staff on some basic techniques in using camera phones, we were able to gather content on a regular basis without impeding the busy workflow of the workshop, so that shooting some images and emailing a quick note explaining the work was easy for them without taking up too much time.

Content Marketing Programme

We created useful articles for customers facing exhaust failure problems, paying particular attention to creating articles about particular exhaust issues, some of which could prove potentially expensive, such as Jaguar XF Diesel exhaust failures.

The articles highlighted the typical problems that owners encounter, the potential expense involved, then proceeded to show how the company solves the issue in a cost effective way. This content proves very effective both for search engines and also human readers.

Exhaust A Fix moved into the tyre fitting side of the car maintenance business, though the popular brand name now worked against them.

Starting from very small numbers, we achieved a manifold increase in tyre sales over a period of just a few months by creating useful, informative articles that address the issues customers face when choosing new tyres. Carefully written to integrate keywords and ‘long tail’ keyword phrases designed not just for tyre sales but also the geographical location of the business to generate targeted visitors.

We then created Google Plus pages, Google Maps locations and Facebook pages and then carefully responded to reviews and feedback by working with the Exhaust A Fix staff to reach out to customers.

Project date: Ongoing.

Mobile responsive Exhaust A Fix website:

Author: Neill Watson

A professional writer and photographer with a history of sales and marketing in the automotive, tourism and motorsport industry. Neill is the producer / director and digital media producer of Winward Media.