Historic Racer brigs together many of the skills of The octane Factory into one place. The website was established to cover the huge global interest in historic motorsport and provide a platform for publication of interesting features and articles from Neill Watson that was not relevant to traditional client works. Without a budget for marketing and promotion, Historic Racer has grown organically after being established in May 2013.

By using social media outlets and relying on car enthusiast forums and discussions to spread the word, Historic Racer is becoming busier each month, with a very low ‘bounce rate’ of just 12% and more than 55% of visitors arriving at the site from online discussion groups and via long-tail search engine queries. Unlike many car ‘blogs’ Historic Racer publishes both short news items and long-form track tests and road trip features that remain archived, providing a continual source of traffic for enthusiasts searching for their favourite areas of historic motor racing.