Digital markeiting, photography and website design for motorsport
Simon Bainbridge and SB Racing were winners of the British Sprint Championship from 2008 to 2010. In 2011 an accident significantly damaged the car. A new design was already being drafted at that point, so rather than expend time and funds repairing the damage, the bold decision was taken to stop competing and dedicate the time to a fresh design.

In 2015, the team now face the massive task of developing their new design and regaining their place at the top of the British Sprint Championship leaderboard. We’ve created a fresh website design and an initial photo shoot of the new car on an early shakedown test. As the team progresses, we will be adding more content to the Blog area of the website and creating a series of short viral videos to help develop fan support for the team and give value back to the sponsors and supporters engaged in helping them.

The new website is fully responsive and will work on traditional desktop screens as well as tablets and mobile phones. You can read more about the story of SB Racing and the new car design here.

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