The Old Post Office Website and Photography

We were particularly pleased to be given the task of creating a new website for this interesting holiday cottage in Rosedale Abbey, North Yorkshire. The Old Post Office in Rosedale was, as you’d expect, converted into a home when it ceased to be the village post office. Like many Yorkshire stone holiday cottages, it’s layout has been a Darwinian evolution, evolving across the decades as owners have needed to change.

Unusually amongst holiday letting properties, The Old Post Office sleeps nine people, across three levels. New owners Sally and Steve Fairlie put their heart and soul into overhauling the property, with a huge effort across the autumn and winter of 2015/2015 meaning that everything was ready for the summer holiday letting season in Yorkshire.

The previous owner had also rented the property to holiday makers and had a website which we were able to acquire. The previous statistics show a small amount of traffic, so we decided that the combination of it’s unusually high accommodation number, plus it’s specific location in the heart of the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, were the important things to emphasise. We’re planning on using Long Tail keywords to help position the holiday cottage website in the eyes of the target audience, probably for large families or family reunions.

An intense day undertaking some photography with just hours to go before the first paying guests, then we left them to create the new website. We took colours from the interior decor, in particular the pastel shades of the newly installed kitchen and used those throughout the new website design. Sally was quite keen to use bright red, in deference to the building’s previous use, but red isn’t exactly a restful colour so we convinced everyone to tone that down just a little!

We’ll be adding a series of useful blog posts to the new website and as Steve and Sally become more accustomed to writing about the story of their holiday cottage, they’ll also be adding their own thoughts.

The Old Post Office website can been found at :

Author: Neill Watson

A professional writer and photographer with a history of sales and marketing in the automotive, tourism and motorsport industry. Neill is the producer / director and digital media producer of Winward Media.