Film – The Control Tower

The Control Tower at The Yorkshire Air Museum sits in the Museum grounds and is the original building occupied by Allied aircrews during the second world war. This film is part of a series of short films designed to show the Museum as a destination for both enthusiasts of history and also family visitors.

The shoot took just over one day, mainly due to the winter weather. It shows the many original features of the building, together with a short interview with Museum director Ian Reed which we dropped into the sequence.

The Control Tower is a fascinating building once visitors begin to explore it, but it is sometimes overlooked as people head towards the aircraft exhibits. This is part of a series designed to show the diverse nature of the Museum as an attraction and encourage families to visit.

Author: Neill Watson

A professional writer and photographer with a history of sales and marketing in the automotive, tourism and motorsport industry. Neill is the producer / director and digital media producer of Winward Media.